MM Technique Validated by Science

Mike volunteered to work with scientist Shinya Fujii, who published the following paper (below) in 2009. In basic terms, he tested Mike’s hand speed and velocities using an alternating, Right, Left pattern. The results below that Mike was able to accompish what none of the other 600 people tested could do. 

Mike was able to hit with the SAME velocity at slow speeds all the up to close to his fastest speed. This validates Mike’s particular hand techniques and learning methods as working better than any other methods to date. You can see this in graphs further below on this page.

Mike uses a series of practice methods involving bare hands while utilizing his thumbs as stabilizers in a way that affects the use of his forearms and wrists in a way never seen before. Mike set an Official World’s Fastest Drummer ® “bare handed” record of 1,140 hits in 60 seconds. His velocity was that of other drummer’s less than half as fast as him.

The bottom on the page contains a detailed PDF for use in conferences.

Here are the results that were sent to Mike. Note the graphs that show the difference between Mike and the other participants.

Here is the PDF used in conferences about hand speed:

Mike Mangini ®